[strongSwan] missing xfrm4 errors

vivek singh vivek.singh at accelpro.net
Tue Sep 30 09:19:19 CEST 2014

Hello all,


I compiled a strongswan version 2.8.11 for my centos server [kernel -

Sorry I am asking about too old version but I need to compile ipsec for
specific 2.4 kernel.


I am getting these -


[root at centos-3-9 linux]# ipsec version

Linux strongSwan U2.8.11/K2.4.21-47.ELcustom (native)

See `ipsec --copyright' for copyright information.

distributed by Andreas Steffen <andreas.steffen at strongswan.org>


 [root at centos-3-9 linux]# ipsec restart

Stopping strongSwan IPsec...

modprobe: Can't locate module xfrm4_tunnel

modprobe: Can't locate module xfrm_user

Starting strongSwan IPsec 2.8.11 [starter]...


Make menuconfig snapshot attached, Am I doing something  wrong in make
menuconfig or else please suggest where to look for it





Thanks for any help

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