[strongSwan] Load-tester failure/bug

Gruber Tobias (ST-ESS/MKP3) Tobias.Gruber at de.bosch.com
Mon Mar 3 10:11:05 CET 2014

We want to do a load test. Thus I have compiled strongSwan 5.1.2 and enabled
the load-tester plugin by --enable-load-tester.
This seems to be fine.

Then I have removed the key from /etc/ipsec.secrets
I added the following in /etc/strongswan.conf:

    plugins {
        load-tester {
            # enable the plugin
            enable = yes
            # use 4 threads to initiate connections simultaneously
            initiators = 4
            # each thread initiates 1000 connections
            iterations = 1000
            # delay each initiation in each thread by 20ms
            delay = 20
            # fake the kernel interface to avoid SA conflicts
            fake_kernel = yes

I have restarted ipsec: sudo ipsec restart

Then I have started the load test: ipsec load-tester initiate 1 1

The following appears on the command line: .***-

I have looked into the logfile and saw that the tunnel establishment is
MAC verification failed. Verifying encryption payload integrity failed.
Could not decrypt payloads. Integrity check failed.

I have attached a screenshot of the log.

Can you help on this?

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