[strongSwan] Trouble mixing ipv4 and ipv6 configuration within a single connection

Martin Willi martin at strongswan.org
Tue Dec 16 09:46:58 CET 2014


> If I specify my ipv6 prefix here the server does indeed assign an
> address to the RW. Unfortunately the address it assigns (my-prefix::1)
> is already in use.

Usually you define a pool that is a subset of your prefix, and does not
start at the beginning of it. This should allow you to assign addresses
that are not in use, even for IPv6.

> If I explicitly request my-prefix::2 the server overrides it with
> my-prefix::1 anyway. Is there a way to achieve my objective without
> creating an external pool?

If you serve one client only, you can even define a pool with just a
single address on your server. But you should have some uniqueness
checking in place (uniqueids option) to make sure the address is not in
use by a dangling tunnel.

There are also other, more powerful backends, such as attr-sql, but that
is probably not worth the effort on your setup.


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