[strongSwan] strongswan android plugin support for simultaneous connections

Ravi Kanth Vanapalli vvnrk.vanapalli at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 21:38:24 CET 2014

Dear  All,

  I have one query. Does strongswan android plugin at location

  'strongswan/src/libcharon/plugins/android'   support simultaneous
handling of connection requests..

i.e Application A writes to the control socket on which android plugin
listens to.
     Application B writes to the same control socket on which android
plugin listens too..

  In the source code in android plugin for this scenario.  Kindly confirm
if this setup is feasible.
 Is this a limitation of android plugin not being ablet o handle
simultaneous requests  ??

  Does the underlying charon daemon support handling of simultaneous
requests  for IKE control path setup with the tunnel. ?

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