[strongSwan] dns problem when using the dhcp plugin

Martin Willi martin at strongswan.org
Tue Dec 9 10:13:20 CET 2014


> When using a static ip in the rightsourceip parameter the 
> client(android) is resolving my mailserver with the internal ip as it 
> should(because I set that up with the attr plugin), but when using 
> rightsourceip=%dhcp the settings for dns with attr plugin seems to be 
> ignored and then the client doesn't even get the dns assigned which the 
> dhcp says it should use (and then my mailserver resolves to the external 
> ip which cannot be accessed)

Please note that the DHCP plugin forwards any DNS/WINS attributes it
receives over DHCP to the client using IKE configuration attributes. If
you have both the attr and the dhcp plugin enabled, strongSwan sends the
DNS attributes of each backend.

Does your DHCP server provide the correct DNS server address? If yes,
you may try to disable the attr plugin.

> >                          enc = 0

Unfortunately, with that loglevel setting we don't see the messages
encoded/decoded, which is actually very useful information. If you
revert to the default loglevels, we'd see at least how many DNS
attributes strongSwan assigns to the client.


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