[strongSwan] dns problem when using the dhcp plugin

Hasse Hagen Johansen hasse-strongswan at hagenjohansen.dk
Thu Dec 4 21:40:34 CET 2014


I have setup a connection definition as from the sample for windows7

I am using this for connecting my android phone with the strongswan 
client and sometimes a windows 7 client.

For a long time I have had the rightsourceip set to a static ip-address 
on my local lan and used the attr plugin to set the DNS server to the 
local dns server on the strongswan endpoint. Which have worked fine (I 
am using split-horizon dns. So I have names which resolves to localnet 
addresses when using the local dns server and external addresses when 
using dns servers on the internet)

Now I would like to use the dhcp plugin which I also got somewhat 
working. I am getting an address from the dhcp on the vpn client. The 
problem is that it seems the strongswan client on android is not setting 
the right dns (or is not getting the right dns from the strongswan 
server). I still the configuration with the attr config enabled & and I 
have also checked on my computer that I get the right DNS via DHCP. But 
my phone doesn't get the right DNS server when using the dhcp plugin, 
but works finr if I set rightsourceip to a static address again.

On "server side" (a openwrt router) I am running strongswan 5.1.3

and the strongswan android app is version 1.4.5 based on strongswan 5.2.1

I hope someone have some insite into this - if it is a bug or I have 
made an mistake

Best Regards

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