[strongSwan] Add routes? (Was: Anyone got strongSwan working with Aruba Networks (as a Aruba VIA client)?)

Jerry Lundström jerry.lundstrom at iis.se
Mon Apr 28 12:45:07 CEST 2014

Hi Martin,

On mån, 2014-04-28 at 12:14 +0200, Martin Willi wrote:
> strongSwan just proposes a list of local and remote traffic selectors;
> your peer is free to narrow these subnets or drop some of them. Check
> your peer configuration for the configured subnets.
> Maybe your Aruba box expects clients connecting just a single (virtual)
> IP, and does not allow net-to-net connections?

Maybe :) Sadly I do not have any control or access to the Aruba stuff.

So how can I manually add routes for subnets to the tunnel?

Jerry Lundström - Software Engineer
.SE - The Internet Infrastructure Foundation

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