[strongSwan] charon disable ipv4/ipv6 + bind to single ip

Martin Kellermann kellermann at sk-datentechnik.com
Wed Jun 19 20:22:01 CEST 2013



default install on debian wheezy shows netstat bindings as follows:

udp    *       charon

udp  *       charon

udp *       pluto

udp   *       charon

udp6    :::4500                 :::*            charon

udp6    :::500                  :::*            charon

raw    *       charon

raw6    :::17                   :::*            charon


debian strongswan version is 4.5.2


i am wondering if there is an option to disable ipv4 or ipv6 support at


second question:


is there an option to bind to just a single ip instead of*?


the default behavior is no real problem at all, everything can be
adjusted with firewall rules, but disabling unneeded things would clean
it up a bit...







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