[strongSwan] CRL caching

yordanos beyene yordanosb at gmail.com
Fri Apr 5 02:24:03 CEST 2013

Hi SS team,

I appreciate if some one can explain to me how CRL cache works with SS
I can no more use "crlcheckinterval" in my deployments.

I have enabled CRL caching as follows:
*cachecrls = yes

*But based on the Strongswan IPsec conf documentation, I came to know I can
no more use "crlcheckinterval " with SS 5.0.X*.

crlcheckinterval = 600 sec

Is there any alternative command to determine caching time*?**
So for how long is the CRL cache valid with SS 5.0.X? How often does SS
fetch CRLs.

With ***strictcrlpolicy = yes.*
* What happens if CRL URI is not reachable.

I appreciate your help!


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