[strongSwan] IKEv2 TS narrowing

Eric_C_Johnson at Dell.com Eric_C_Johnson at Dell.com
Mon May 14 23:18:21 CEST 2012

We are doing our best to follow section 2.9.

What I'm trying to do in the short-term is come up with a Strongswan config that would exercise narrowing so I can verify our implementation is working correctly.  Initially I want to do the following:

Initiator (Strongswan)   ---- Responder
Defined host (i.e.  ---- defined network (I.e.\8)
Defined subnet (i.e.\24)  ---- defined network (I.e.\8)
Defined Wildcard (i.e.\0)  ---- defined network (I.e.\8)
Defined network (i.e.\8)  ---- defined network (I.e.\8)

I believe the first 3 scenarios would require narrowing where the last one would not.  I could use confirmation that my understanding is correct.  If so, what entries on the Strongswan host would I need to enter to make this work?

I also need to introduce similar configs for port\protocol based narrowing as well.  So I could use some insight into that as well.
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Hello Eric,

it's nice to read about someone else who is, just like, me using Strongswan to debug their own IKEv2 implementation. If would love to help, but I am not sure about what you're asking for. Are you taking the difficult path and implementing narrowing exactly as described in RFC 5996, section 2.9?

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2012/5/14  <Eric_C_Johnson at dell.com>:
> Hi.
> I was wondering if I could get a little help.  I need to verify that 
> TS narrowing is working correctly on our IKEv2 implementation.  I have 
> a Strongswan host acting as an Initiator and our device as a 
> responder.  What would be the easiest way to craft a setup to verify 
> narrowing is working correctly?  I understand this is fairly generic.  
> I'm just looking for something to get started.  Thanks in advance.
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