[strongSwan] Strongswan 4.6.2 support with Android GB

Kushagra Bhatnagar kbhatnagar at sta.samsung.com
Mon May 7 22:34:21 CEST 2012

Hello All,

I am trying to build strongswan 4.6.2 code with Android GB. For this I followed below approach.

1. Build the vstr static library by following the wiki pages (on strongswan.org).
2. Untar strongswan 4.6.2 code in /external directory.
3. Change all the libvstr path to the appropriate path where libvstr.a is present.
4. Also run following commands in /external/strongswan4.6.2 folder - ./configure, make and make distclean.
5. Added appropriate module names in core.mk file.
6. After all the above steps when I tried to compile the Android GB code. Compilation is all done but I observe lot of linking errors.
7. All of the linking errors are in vstr library.

Below is the snippet of one such error.

prebuilt/linux-x86/toolchain/arm-eabi-4.4.3/bin/../lib/gcc/arm-eabi/4.4.3/../../../../arm-eabi/bin/ld: out/target/product/test/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libstrongswan_intermediates/printf_hook.o: in function vstr_wrapper_vprintf:external/strongswan-4.6.2/src/libstrongswan/printf_hook.c:297: error: undefined reference to 'vstr_add_vfmt'

Looks like linker is not able to read the static library "libvstr.a".
Is the "libvstr.a" library is compatible with android?

Did I make some mistake or did I miss some step which I need to perform?
Any help in solving this issue is appreciable.


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