[strongSwan] Σχετ: URGENT need help plz

Leandro . frr8rrf at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 15:18:11 CET 2012

Hi xrats,

My* test enviroment* is in MS-Windows over Oracle Virtualbox, as I said
About default config, I think you must change conf files to a desired

I have installed VBox in diferent windows machine, each one with a 2 VMs:

windows vm []--*INTERNAL NET* ---[] opensuse vm



slack   vm []--*INTERNAL NET* ---[] opensuse vm

the goal: windows-vm communicate with slackware-vm, using vpn.

screen shot:
[image: Imagem inline 1]

[image: Imagem inline 2]

First, I installed opensuse 12.1 - you are running gentoo, I didn't
installed this distro yet - but I start to configure the strongswan base on
a example from site http://www.strongswan.org/uml-testresults.html and I
choose this http://www.strongswan.org/uml-testresults.html 'cause is what I
expect to do in production.
Based on the example files, I started to play, however I'm new user in VPNs
and I found some difficult in what scenario is more easy to do.

I start to generate the x509 certificates - before to configure strongswan.
But I think the PSK - pre shared key - maybe easier -  I will try this

After this I started to configure the strongswan - Files: strongswan.conf /
ipsec.conf / ipsec.secrets Folders: /ipsec.d/certs and ipsec.d/private
But, I my case, the certificates generated before, was generate with
openssl 1.0, so I did to do an update. The package original for opensuse
12.1 is 4.5.3, and the Andreas suggested to 4.6.2. This solved my problem
with certificates, but I still with other problems, and trying to solve
this now ...

Any doubt ?

I hope this may be useful to you.


Em 6 de março de 2012 14:13, xrats melkonian <xratsosisyn at yahoo.gr>escreveu:

> hello there  after you  install strong swan  how you make test ?  you use
> 2 virtual machined for example?  do you know how to run default
> configurations?
> i new  in strongswan but also in linux  so  any help will be appreciated
> best regards,
> xrats
>   ------------------------------
> *Απο:* Leandro Ferr <frr8rrf at gmail.com>
> *Προς:* xrats melkonian <xratsosisyn at yahoo.gr>
> *Στάλθηκε:* 7:49 μ.μ. Πέμπτη, 1 Μαρτίου 2012
> *Θεμα:* Re: [strongSwan] URGENT need help plz
> Hi, I am new too.
> I didn't implement the UML as seen in the strongswan.org but, I started
> some tests with Virtual Machines. In my case, Oracle Vitual Box...
> I'm some confusing with certs config, but the enviroment is ready..  :)
> So, I think its useful ...
> Leandro - BR
> Em 1 de março de 2012 15:41, xrats melkonian <xratsosisyn at yahoo.gr>escreveu:
> hello everyone i am new user to strongswan so i don't have any experiences i
> have to make a simulation  for my university  of a vpn using IPsec ikev2
> with mobike  can someone give me some instructions how i should start .
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