[strongSwan] IP Fragmentation problems on some websites

Mark M mark076h at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 22 02:18:30 CEST 2012

I figured out what is going on i think. When strongSwan receives a 1514 byte packet or one that is the full MTU from the outside website it does not have 
anymore room to encapsulate it into an ESP packet to be sent back to the client. I tried setting the MSS values and played around with he MTU 
some more and it is still not working. Maybe I am setting the MSS wrong? on the strongSwan eth0 interface i did "ip route add dev 
eth0 advmss 1400" and it still does not work?

Is this the problem with the received packets needing room for the ESP overhead?


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I got my strongSwan gateway up and running. It is sitting behind my FIOS router and acting as VPN gateway for roadwarrior/mobile clients. I thought everything was working great until i noticed that some websites do not load. The first one i found was yahoo.com. I fired up Wireshark and noticed when i receive packets back from yahoo.com my strongSwan gateway sends Fragmentation needed ICMP messages back. 

Setting the MTU on my strongSwan gateway interfaces had no effect. I then set the MTU on my verizon FIOS router to 1400 and some pages would start to work ok, like yahoo.com would start to work but still others would not with the same fragmentation problem.

Instead of putting the MTU on my FISO router way down and possibly have other performance problems, is there an easy way to fix this? 

Thanks for any help,


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