[strongSwan] configuring gcm mode on android

william masson wemasson at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 22:00:29 CET 2012


My goal is to connect a StrongSwan VPN client running on Android to a
StrongSwan Server running on Ubuntu Linux.
I want to use the gcm block cypher. (esp=aes128cgm16-sha256!)
I added gcm to the Android.mk in the strongswan_CHARON_PLUGINS list and
also added it to the Android.mk in src/libstrongswan.
The server was configured using --enable-gcm option and an ipsec listall
seems to confirm that the server supports it.

I have successfully connected to the server with other "out of the box"

I'm not a VPN or StrongSwan expert and am looking for some guidance on what
to try next.
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