[strongSwan] SIGHUP

yordanos beyene yordanosb at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 07:56:31 CET 2012

Hi Strongswan team,

I observed the IKEv2 retransmission timeout and radius configuration
doesn't get updated with "ipsec reload" or "ipsec update". I have to do
ipsec start and ipsec stop to get the configuration loaded.
I did google a bit about this and found that I need to initiate SIGHUP for
strongswan to pick up configurations in strongswan.conf. I want to confirm
if this still holds true with strongswan 5.0 and I also have two specific

1. Do all updates to "strongswan.conf" require SIGHUP? Are there any
configurations that may still require ipsec stop and ipsec start?
2. Does SIGHUP stop active IPsec connections.

I appreciate your help as always!


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