[strongSwan] Wrong choice of left(self) ip when route has changed

Anton warm at stack.ru
Tue Apr 24 16:51:37 CEST 2012


Still trying to set up good enough fault save connection with two or three ISPs.

I wrote an script which pings ISP gateways and changes the default route accordingly pings results. Script works,
default route changes correctly, mobike works fine - when switching back to first (primary) ISP I even can not often see
packet lost trough ipsec tunnel.

My problem is:

strongswan not always choose correct source ip when ipsec tunnel connection being lost due to all ISP were fault and
then one get back.

How to make strongswan to make lookup src(left) ip every time when it tries to reconnect ?

B.t.w. If some one knows: when OpenWrt package will be updated to version 4.6.2 ? It still 4.5.3 in openwrt trunk.

Stack ltd division head
tel. 8 (3822) 555-797

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