[strongSwan] Configuration Help needed on StrongSwan VPN server

SaRaVanAn saravanan.nagarajan87 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 14:50:31 CEST 2012

Hi Friends,


Cisco VPN client --------- Router (StrongSwan)

I want to establish a remote access VPN between Cisco VPN client and
StrongSwan VPN server.

I also want to establish a site-site VPN tunnel between Router and
StrongSwan VPN server.

In both the cases, I dont know the source IP address(IP address of
cisco VPN client and

Router (which is dynamically changing)) .So I need a configuration on
Strongswan VPN server to form a tunnel with cisco VPN client without
mentioning its IP address and also to form a tunnel with Router, whose
IP is dynamically changing so I cant bind IP addresses in both the

It would be of great help, if someone shares the configuration file
for StrongSwan VPN server for the above scenario.

Saravanan N

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