[strongSwan] Is Strongswan 4.x (on OpenWRT) certified for IPv6-Ready-Logo IKE2 phase2

Rajiv Kulkarni rajivkulkarni69 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 22 19:29:43 CEST 2011

Hi All,

Can somebody help me with the info whether strongswan 4.x (actually 4.3.6)
on OpenWRT is certified for phase-2 IKEv2 of the IPv6-Ready certification

- Actually i would also like to know whether any of the strongswan 4.x
versions has passed the above phase2 ikev2 cert requirements.

- if yes, does the specific platform on which strongswan was running  make
it relevant for that platform only or does it mean the specific
version/release of strongswan is ipv6-ready (irrespective of which platform
it is running on)

- i wanted to know the 1st and specifically the 2nd point above so that i
may decide, if possible to do so, to re-run or not the required ikev2 phase2
tests for ipv6-ready logo on openwrt using strongswan4.3.6

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