[strongSwan] XAuth Vendor ID

Brian Zhao - 赵宪鹏 Brian.Zhao at zyxel.cn
Mon Mar 7 03:40:27 CET 2011

Hi All,

I have met a problem when use strongswan connect to another VPN device. Because strongswan will send a packet which contain contains draft-beaulieu-ike-xauth-02.txt information in phase 1, this information will cause other side check XAuth match and feedback an error message “NO-PROPOSAL-CHOSEN”. So I want to check you, it is strongswan’s problem or other side’s problem? Does the other side should just ignore this XAuth Vendor ID? I think this XAuth Vendor ID should not carry because I have not used XAuth. But the other side also should don’t care this(indeed most of VPN device did, only a few will check XAuth  when receive packet contain draft-beaulieu-ike-xauth-02.txt)


Could any one can give me some suggestion or information about this?


Thanks very much!



Best regards,

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