[strongSwan] load testing with traffic

Gerry Travlos G.Travlos at mycosmos.gr
Thu Jul 28 15:52:38 CEST 2011

Hi Tobias,

You mean using iperf in conjunction with the load-tester plugin?
Or just using iperf alone, instead of strongSwan?
Could you please share an example?


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Hi Jerry,

> I don't have much experience with using strongSwan, but I didn't find
> any option or guidelines on how to use load-tester with traffic.
> Is this not possible with the current implementation?

No, the current implementation can only be used to test IKEv2 SA 
initiation.  If you want to generate traffic you have to do this by 
other means (either by modifying the plugin or using a tool like iperf).


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