[strongSwan] Question About the Multiple IPsec SA support

Martin Willi martin at strongswan.org
Wed Jan 5 10:42:32 CET 2011


> 2) one IKE_SA was built  and multiple CHILD_SA is under this IKE_SA.
> so I still want to know if 2) can be supported by StrongSwan. Thanks a
> lot!

Yes it is, and by default IKE_SAs are re-used to initiate new CHILD_SAs.
This behavior can be changed using the charon.reuse_ikesa
strongswan.conf option.

To define an IKE_SA with multiple CHILD_SAs in ipsec.conf, use
connections that differ only in CHILD_SA specific options (ESP
algorithms, traffic selectors, etc.). These get automatically merged to
a single IKE_SA configuration with multiple CHILD_SAs. You may use a
%default connection or the "also" keyword to define them, man ipsec.conf
for details.


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