[strongSwan] options for xauth authentication and ipsec.secrets

Paul Dekkers ipsec at pade.nl
Mon Feb 21 17:41:08 CET 2011


I'd like to verify xauth username/password authentication with a
database (RADIUS or LDAP or so). So far it seems I can only add these
credentials in /etc/ipsec.secrets - is that true? (Sounds a little
inflexible to me ;-))

One more question related to ipsec.secrets; it's true I cannot have a
different shared secret per user, right? It's clearly preferred to use
certificates for this, but not all clients are capable of it (for
instance the iPhone can only use a shared secret with L2TP, but is able
to use a certificate in IPSEC mode (but that uses XAUTH and does again
not allow my to relay authentication via RADIUS to use tokens or so...)).


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