[strongSwan] changing unity banner, no addattr in ipsec pool (4.4.0) ?

Paul Dekkers ipsec at pade.nl
Mon Feb 21 17:21:15 CET 2011


I tried changing the unity banner (shown by for instance iPhones), but I
was unsuccessful so far. It seems that the ipsec pool --addattr does not
exist in the version I'm using? (Strongswan 4.4.0 from Ubuntu 10.10,
modified package adding sqlite, attr-sql and nat-transport.)

Also; using sqlite I tried an
INSERT INTO "attributes" VALUES(1,28672,'New banner');
but that's maybe not the right way of doing this.

My strongswan.conf contains:

libhydra {
        plugins {
                attr-sql {
                        database = sqlite:///etc/ipsec.d/ipsec.db

so I assume that should work.

Any advise?


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