[strongSwan] strongswan seems to go mad after some time

Christoph Anton Mitterer calestyo at scientia.net
Mon Oct 4 13:03:52 CEST 2010

Hi Martin.

>> I do not understand why port 4500 is used. I shouldn't have a NATed
>> setup.
> A MOBIKE enabled peer always switches to port 4500 for IKE_AUTH, this is
> the intended behavior.
Ah I see :)

Just out of curiosity:
In both cases (I mean 500 and 4500) I cannot make firewall rules to just
udp with sport and dport 500
udp with sport and dport 4500
but each only with dport 500/4500, right?

Because with NAT the sport can be different anyways (due to the NAT) and
with non-NAT the port 500 seems to be configurable in strongswan.
Is the port 4500 also configurable?

> Looks like a bug if reauth=yes is used in conjunction with
> dpdaction=restart and uniqueids=yes. If an IKE_SA is deleted for some
> reason, the responding peer tries to reestablish the same with the
> restart action. However, the peer deleting the SA actually does a
> reauthentication by close-and-reestablish, resulting in redundant
> IKE_SAs. This probably triggers the unique checking of an IKE_SA, and
> again, deletes one of them.
Just for my understanding:
rekey = yes is important, or otherwise my connections will be closed after
the end of the key lifetime.
reauth = yes means just that if a rekey happens, than the authentication
(e.g. via certificates) is also re-done.

And I guess I (in my scenario) need the dpdaction=restart (in conjunction
with the keyingtries = %forever) to guarantee that a connection is no
simply closed once the peer becomes) temporarily unavailable or has some
problems in setting it up again. So reauth=no is the only "solution" for me
for now?!

> The main issue here is the problematic reauthentication procedure
> defined by the IKEv2 protocol. I'd highly recommend to disable it with
> reauth=no, as it is usually useless from a security perspective if the
> user does not have to reenter his credentials manually.
Mhh ok,.. yeah,.. perhaps with one exception, that one peer looses his
credentials (the cert) completely, or it expires?!

> There is currently a discussion about a proper reauthentication
> extensions for IKEv2 on the IPsec mailing list. We probably should drive
> that thing forward and fix all the problems resulting from
> reauthentication.
Ok :)
btw: is there some bug-tracker for strongswan, where one could hook up
such issues in order to allow end users (like me) to some how trace these
things better?


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