[strongSwan] Logging

Francois Bard francois at tera.ics.keio.ac.jp
Tue Nov 30 07:25:40 CET 2010


I'm writing in the hope that someone could explain me how to properly
use the file loggers with strongswan.

I've read the page on the wiki (
) but I can't get my daemon to work properly. I'm using Ubuntu
Maverick with the default strongswan package (4.4.0-2ubuntu1 as shown
by aptitude show).

Here are some of my problems - they all concern the configuration of
strongswan.conf  :

- I haven't been able to use stdout or stderr to print anything

- When I'm using a real file to log, the content is written only after
stopping the daemon. I thought flush_line = yes would change anything
but apparently not.

- using the time_format option as in the example configuration has no
effect on the log

I'm literary using the sample provided as this so I'm puzzled by this
behavior.. Am I the only one having this problem? Any idea of what I'm
doing wrong ?

oh and by the way I'm using charon only.

Ready to send any more info if needed.

Francois Bard

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