[strongSwan] problem with charon and dpdaction=restart

Wolfgang Walter wolfgang.walter at stwm.de
Thu Nov 11 10:58:50 CET 2010


I tried using dpdaction=restart so that charon tries to restart a tunnel if 
the physical connection broke.

Though, this seems not to work as expected (using strongswan 4.4.1).

It seems that one of both sides of a tunnel always thinks that it failed to 
build a tunnel and then retries it again and again even though there a tunnel 
already has been established. As we have a lot of tunnels (the central router 
has about 1500), our central vpn-gateway (quad core) stops working properly.

Without dpdaction=restart all works fine (as long as no router is no 
disconnected for about 3 minutes).

Wolfgang Walter
Studentenwerk München
Anstalt des öffentlichen Rechts

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