[strongSwan] "ipsec reload" on FreeBSD

Riaan Kruger riaank at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 14:58:54 CET 2010

When doing an ipsec reload (on FreeBSD) I get a "traffic
selectors inacceptable", however when I do a restart this is not the case.

Some more detail:
1. I am using strongswan 4.4.0 (I am still busy trying to bet 4.5.0 working)
on FreeBSD 8.
2. When reloading the logs say "add configuration 'my_connection_name' for
the connection I am tesing.
3. The while loop @ libcharon/config/peer-cfg.c:308 in the select_child_cfg
function is not entered after a reload.  I assume this loop enumerates over
loaded configuration to find one that matches.

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