[strongSwan] Does Strongswan support PEM format

michalle OY michalle_oy at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 3 07:17:48 CET 2010

Hi, all
I met a problem when did interoperability test between Strongswan and my IPsec implementation. 
I try to send a certificate with PEM format to Strongswan point, but it reports that doesn't support. I found that the Strongswan uses the DER "X.509 Certificate - Signature" format in Certificate Payload even if in the Ipsec.conf file the "leftcert" point to a PEM file. 
The other issue is that after I changed the Certificate from PEM to DER and try again, the strongswan reported "Authentication of 'CN=**, ST=**, E=***, OU=SSG, O=SGG' with RSA signature failed."
My questions are: 1. Does Strongswan support PEM format? 2. The authentication failed means the Certificate has problem or the authentication Payload has problem?
Your answer are appreciated. 
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