[strongSwan] bare minimum required kernel modules/version

Matthias Dahl ml-strongswan at binary-island.eu
Thu Mar 18 16:47:18 CET 2010


I took over the maintainership of the strongswan ebuild on Gentoo and I am 
currently in the process of polishing it as time permits.

I'd like to add kernel config sanity checks to the ebuild, so a potential user 
won't shoot his own feet. Looking around the wiki I found this:


Is this list the real bare minimum even if one only wants to use IPv4? I 
recall there was some bug that prevented one from configuring w/o IPv6 on some 
2.6.28 kernel? I for one don't have "IP: policy routing" enabled (didn't know 
it was "required") and strongswan still works just fine.

That brings me to my next question: What is the suggested kernel version for 
the 4.3.6 release? Currently we allow any 2.6 kernel but I guess that's just a 
bad idea.

Thanks for taking the time... and if you have any suggestions or critique for 
the Gentoo ebuild, please let me know, so I can improve things.

So long,

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