[strongSwan] PKCS#10 file format with "ipsec pki -req"

Andreas Steffen andreas.steffen at strongswan.org
Thu Mar 11 18:35:09 CET 2010

Hi Mugur,

automated protocols like SCEP use DER format [embedded in PKCS#7]
and web-based CAs offer copy-and-paste functionality in PEM format.



> Hi Martin,
>> the only supported output format of a certificate request file is 
>> binary DER.
> For which reason one will choose "ipsec pki -req" on a strongSwan
> system instead openssl to generate certificate request files in DER
> format?
> More general question: Do you know which one of DER or PEM formats
> are most widely used by various PKI related tools for certificate
> request files?
> Regards Mugur

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