[strongSwan] Running Mocana Device Security Framework against strongswan 4.4.0 - DH group MODP_1024 inacceptable, requesting MODP_1024

Dietmar Eggemann deggeman at gmx.de
Mon Jun 28 22:27:39 CEST 2010

Hi Martin,

I cross-compiled the gmp library too and now it works like a charm.

Thanks for the help!

-- Dietmar

On 28.06.2010 09:16, Martin Willi wrote:
> Hi Dietmar,
>> I cross-compiled strongswan without gmp support, i.e. with configure option
>> --disable-gmp.
> And which crypto plugin should provide the Diffie-Hellman and RSA
> functionality? You can't just --disable-gmp without --enable-openssl or
> --enable-gcrypt, otherwise the daemon misses the DH calculation
> functionality.
>> 06[IKE] DH group MODP_1024 inacceptable, requesting MODP_1024
>> What I don't understand is the fact that it says MODP_1024 is not acceptable but
>> it requests MODP_1024 at the same time?
> The daemon tries to use what you have configured, but is actually unable
> to do the MODP1024 calculation. This algorithms requires one of the
> mentioned crypto backends.
> Regards
> Martin

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