[strongSwan] Help

Suresh Kumar sureshkumarr.s at gmail.com
Thu Jun 10 06:13:06 CEST 2010


>     1.       I am using fedora 11 and using strongswan 4.4 . I want to
> install ipsec with just IKEV1.how do I go abt it

installation is common.  only configuration makes the difference
whether you enable ikev1 or ikev2 or both.
refer for ikev1 configuration:

>     2.       Lets have a scenario..where A & B are 2 hosts with linux
> installed . A is connected to B. A is making use of strongswan ipsec whereas
> B is making use of diff ipsec code. is it possible to have a setup like this
> . Will I be able to test  for ipsec with this setup.
>           A-----------------B

As its a standard,  can be interoperable with any ipsec devices. refer
interoperable section.


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