[strongSwan] Home network config

Razza razza30 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 13:16:34 CET 2010

Hi all, I’m new to the list and am looking for a bit of advice. I’ve looked
around but can’t find any examples close to what I want to achieve, probably
because it’s flawed from a purists security view point. Anyway, I want to
use strongSwan in a home network environment, mainly so I can access home
network machines whilst I’m away. E.g. ssh to my asterisk server, RDP/VNC to
my partners machine etc.

My network is as follows – -- | | | Dynamic RIPE IP | -- Internet

  Home Network     |  Inside i/f  | |   Outside i/f   |

                   |         DSL/NAT Router           |

As I only have a single RIPE address on my DSL, I intend to port forward
necessary ports to a single interface on my strongSwan box.

My strongSwan box will have an address in the range I would
prefer to have a singe physical interface if possible, but could have two.

When I connect from an internet connected machine (soon Win7, currently XP),
I would like to be allocated a virtual IP in the range of my home network (

Is this possible?

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