[strongSwan] Windows native L2TP/IPsec with multiple clients behind the same IP (NAT)

Diego Morales morales at propus.com.br
Thu Aug 26 22:27:25 CEST 2010


I have a strongswan (+ xl2tpd) road-warrior setup for windows native L2TP/IPsec clients,
using PSK (I known that's not quite recommended for security, but I prefer to stick
to it for now).

It works, except for the case of two+ clients with the same valid address,
e.g. behind the same NAT device. The best thread I've found about it is this


So the question is, does anybody known of a success case for a setup like this
(multiple native windows XP/vista/7 clients behind nat on a strongswan server)?

Thanks in advance,

Diego Morales

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