[strongSwan] ANNOUNCE: strongswan-4.4.1 released

Thomas Jarosch thomas.jarosch at intra2net.com
Mon Aug 2 16:47:35 CEST 2010


On Monday, 2. August 2010 16:14:51 Andreas Steffen wrote:
> - snprintf vulnerability
>    ----------------------
>    A potential remote code execution vulnerability resulting from
>    the misuse of snprintf() was fixed. The vulnerability was
>    introduced with the strongswan-4.3.3 release and is exploitable
>    by unauthenticated users. Patches for all releases starting with
>    4.3.3 are available under the following link:
>    http://download.strongswan.org/patches/08_snprintf_patch/
>    Also a new 4.3.7 release has been made available for 4.3.x users

Whoops. Thanks for providing the patches! Testing 4.3.7 right now.

Best regards,
Thomas Jarosch

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