[strongSwan-dev] Feature request: direct loading of certs and cert like fields as string data in addition to file paths

Joshua Marshall j.marshall at arroyo.io
Wed May 8 19:48:56 CEST 2019

Hello all,

Over at Arroyo, we have a significant development use case for passing
around certificates as strings and never writing them to file.
Documentation for this is sparse, and examples seem to be  unfindable.
Reading over the source code, this direct loading of certificate data does
not seem to be a supported use case but we can't say this with 100%

This is related to

and has ties to the following files:


Is this a clear and concise enough use case and feature request, or should
some further clarification be worked out?  If this is acceptable, what more
should we do to properly make such a feature request?


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