[strongSwan-dev] RSA-PSS-SHA256

Tobias Brunner tobias at strongswan.org
Mon Feb 5 11:19:30 CET 2018

Hi Sahana,

> Question 1 : Difference in OID bytes :
> The 67 bytes ASN.1 OID that should be sent as per the errata from 7427
> (https://www.rfc-editor.org/errata_search.php?rfc=7427)  and the 67
> bytes that I receive from strongswan are different.

Please note that both of these erratas were rejected.  And as Andreas
mentioned the second errata's ASN.1 encoding is incorrect.  While the
ASCII length was changed the ASN.1 encoding was not.

> Question 2 : Calculation of RSA signature
> To calculate the 128 byte signature, the 67 bytes OID plus the 32 bytes
> hash (sha256)  is considered right?

No, the signature is built as specified in RFC 7296, section 2.15.  The
length and OID are just added in front of the signature value within the
Authentication Data field of the Authentication payload.

> Is there a way to see the hash that is generated? I have all logs
> enabled, but do not see the hash value. I can only see the 128
> byte rss-signature that gets added to the 204 byte long auth payload

There are no log messages that print the value to be signed.


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