[strongSwan-dev] eap-radius:Is "RAT_CHAP_PASSWORD" supported?

lijunxue xljsun0713 at 163.com
Tue Feb 16 02:44:02 CET 2016

Hi ,

I am setting up a Radius server for authentication. I want to use attribute “RAT_CHAP_PASSWORD” to support CHAP authentication .

However, after checking the code(The HEAD is  fbbbe43ec1a9179e8ddd804fe37829342045da8d) in the src/libradius/radius_message.c , it seems that only attribute “RAT_USER_PASSWORD” is supported. Am I right?

482             return FALSE;

483         }

484         add(this, RAT_USER_PASSWORD, this->password);

485         chunk_clear(&this->password);

Best regards

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