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Hi again,

Sorry for the attached file, I decided to upload it to my Google Drive.
Please find the shared link below:


Genís Riera Pérez

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Date: Dec 1, 2016 18:11
Subject: Overview of how kernel-libipsec works
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Hi all,
> I am a relatively new user/developer of Strongswan, and I have been
> working with kernel-libipsec plugin to communicate traffic flow to external
> C applications. I drew a scheme about Strongswan architecture, specifically
> the traffic flow when kernel-libipsec plugin is used to establish tunnels.
> I want to ensure that I understand how it works in order to keep developing
> some functionalities in this regard. If you don't mind, would be possible
> to take a look at the attached scheme in PDF and correct it in case if I
> have misunderstood something?
> Thanks in advance. Regards,
> Genís Riera Pérez.
> Genís Riera Pérez
> E-mail: genis.riera.perez at gmail.com
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