[strongSwan-dev] configure broken?

venkrao venkatakrishnarao.ks at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 12:19:08 CET 2015

Martin Willi <martin <at> strongswan.org> writes:

> Hello Keith,
> > Did a recent commit break configure?
> No, works fine here.
> > I ran autogen.sh and then configure with only a --prefix option..
> If you run autogen.sh yourself (which is usually required only if you
> build from git), you'll need all the tools listed in HACKING.
> > <snip>
> > checking gmp.h version >= 4.1.4... yes
> > ./configure: line 16325: syntax error near unexpected token `soup,'
> > ./configure: line 16325: `      PKG_CHECK_MODULES(soup, libsoup-
> Did you have pkg-config installed on your build system while running
> autogen.sh? I don't think the libsoup .pc file is required, but just 
> case you might try to install the libsoup development package that
> usually includes it.
> Regards
> Martin

Like Martin said,  pkg-config should be installed.
Along with that, pkg-config should share the same installation prefix as 
that of autolocal/automake.

Or. You should pass the pkg.m4 file path to aclocal via -I 

Read http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8578181/using-the-pkg-config-
macro-pkg-check-modules-failing for more information.

I hope this saves the time for somebody.

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