[strongSwan-dev] Python vici library

Martin Willi martin at strongswan.org
Wed Feb 25 17:08:31 CET 2015

Hi Björn,

> and at the same time elaborate the best options for an integration.

I've integrated your python library into the strongSwan code base by
migrating your commits to the vici-python branch [1]. On top of that,
I've tried to integrate it into our build system, using a very similar
approach as with the ruby gem. Your README.rst is not yet part of it,
probably we should integrate that to the vici README.md [2].

The branch introduces a --enable-python-eggs option, and an optional
--with-pythoneggdir= path option. If vici is built, a python egg gets
created with the make target and installed with the make install target
using easy_install.

This approach allows us to install the python library along with
strongSwan. Version numbering is analog to strongSwan.

I've not planned to push that extension to PyPI or the like; but of
course you are free to continue doing so.

I'm really no python expert, so any comment is welcome :-).

Best regards


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