[strongSwan-dev] strongSwan vs libreSwan

Martin Willi martin at strongswan.org
Fri Apr 17 10:44:34 CEST 2015


> Could you please tell my what are the main differences between strongSwan
> and libreSwan ? I just collected few  differences reading the wikis but I
> need some additional infos.

Libreswan is a fork of Openswan, searching for "strongSwan vs. OpenSwan"
should give you a broad range of impressions and meanings.

Both strongSwan and Libreswan have its origins in the FreeS/WAN project.
Open/Libreswan are still much closer to its origin, where strongSwan
these days is basically a complete reimplementation.

The current strongSwan architecture was designed initially for IKEv2
almost 10 years ago, but since 5.x is used for IKEv1 as well. It comes
with an extensible, well scaling multi-threading design, and has its
focus on IKEv2 and strong authentication.


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