[strongSwan-dev] About to write NDP/DHCPv6 plugins for charon

Martin Willi martin at strongswan.org
Fri Oct 17 10:29:12 CEST 2014

Hi Tydus,

> But for Virtual IPv6, things didn't go well. I couldn't find 
> corresponding IPv6 soutions (i.e. Fake NDP/DHCPv6 plugins).

We currently don't have any plugins that resemble the farp or dhcp
functionality for IPv6. NDP would certainly make sense; for address
assignment I actually don't know how much DHCPv6 is deployed. Assigning 
an address from a RA prefix could make more sense.

Also, there is RFC 5739, which is a more IPv6 way of assigning prefixes
to clients. We currently don't support that extension, though.

> Therefore, I want to know if there are any project working on plugins 
> for charon to improve its functionality under IPv6 that I can 
> participate in.

No, none that I'm aware of.

> Or if there isn't one yet. May I ask for help to write it from scratch?

Writing a plugin that sends Neighbor Advertisements for IPv6 is probably
not that hard; the farp plugin should work as a good template. Maybe
it's even simpler to extend that plugin by an additional, IPv6 specific
NA spoofer.

If you want DHCPv6, extending the DHCP plugin could be an option as
well. Implementing a dynamic pool based on announced prefixes wouldn't
be that hard either; full RFC 5739 support is probably less trivial.


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