[strongSwan-dev] About to write NDP/DHCPv6 plugins for charon

Tydus tydus at hongo.wide.ad.jp
Thu Oct 16 09:12:43 CEST 2014

Hi list,

Greetings. I am Tydus from WIDE project.
I'm currently playing on StrongSwan. I successfully deployed a remote 
access tunnel runs on dual-stack. The clients work with Virtual IPv4s 
with the help of DHCP and FARP plugins.
But for Virtual IPv6, things didn't go well. I couldn't find 
corresponding IPv6 soutions (i.e. Fake NDP/DHCPv6 plugins). Currently 
I'm using the built-in Virtual IP pool with ndppd (static mode) for IPv6 
for a workaround, but it's not an elegant or scalable solution and will 
not work on site-to-site configurations.
Therefore, I want to know if there are any project working on plugins 
for charon to improve its functionality under IPv6 that I can 
participate in.
Or if there isn't one yet. May I ask for help to write it from scratch?

Thank you devs for a nice and powerful StrongSwan. Let's make things 
better together.

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