[strongSwan-dev] Split Tunneling WiFi Android

Gerd v. Egidy lists at egidy.de
Wed Nov 26 23:51:30 CET 2014


> I tested on a
> Samsung cellphone (Galaxy S3) and Galaxy Tablet. They both seem to not do
> the split tunneling when connected to a wifi network. It works fine when
> using cell service. I poured over the logs and there is nothing different
> in the connection made by the charon service.

I've seen similar behavior with some Android devices and specific firmware 
versions. Sometimes it is the wifi that's not working, sometime the cell net.

When I did debug it, it was always the handset manufacturer which had patched 
the upstream AOSP Android in an incompatible way, like mixing up the routing 
tables and such. Most often the problems were fixed by the manufacturer after 
one or a few firmware updates.

So I suggest looking for an updated firmware. If none are available, you most 
often have the chance of switching to Cyanogen Mod or another 3rd party 
firmware who generally don't mess with the routing.

Kind regards,


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