[strongSwan-dev] Strongswan always receive signal 11 when it run on PPC

Rongqing Li rongqing.li at windriver.com
Fri Feb 22 02:48:45 CET 2013


I met a problem, Could you help me, Thanks?

When I do a test on PowerPC machine, It always receive signal 11.
After see the log and coredump, It seems openssl_diffie_hellman_create()
crashed, since it needs 3 parameter, but only pass 1 parameter.

Message get from /var/log/charon.log
Feb  7 00:15:49 02[JOB] next event in 29s 999ms, waiting
Feb  7 00:15:49 14[IKE] is initiating an IKE_SA
Feb  7 00:15:49 14[IKE] IKE_SA (unnamed)[1] state change: CREATED => 
Feb  7 00:15:49 14[CFG] selecting proposal:
Feb  7 00:15:49 14[CFG]   proposal matches
Feb  7 00:15:49 14[CFG] received proposals: 
Feb  7 00:15:49 14[CFG] configured proposals: 
Feb  7 00:15:49 14[CFG] selected proposal: 
Feb  7 00:15:49 14[DMN] thread 14 received 11
Feb  7 00:15:49 14[DMN] killing ourself, received critical signal

#0  0x484d4aa0 in __GI_raise (sig=6)
     at ../nptl/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/raise.c:64
#1  0x484d9930 in __GI_abort () at abort.c:91
#2  0x10002064 in segv_handler (signal=11) at charon.c:224
#3  <signal handler called>
#4  0x48d89630 in openssl_diffie_hellman_create (group=MODP_1024_BIT, g=...,
     p=<error reading variable: Cannot access memory at address 0x0>)
     at openssl_diffie_hellman.c:143
#5  0x482c54f8 in create_dh (this=0x11ac6e68, group=MODP_1024_BIT)
     at crypto/crypto_factory.c:358
#6  0x48375884 in create_dh (this=<optimized out>, group=<optimized out>)
     at sa/keymat.c:132
#7  0x483843b8 in process_payloads (this=0x51400a78, message=<optimized 
     at sa/tasks/ike_init.c:200
#8  0x483844d0 in process_r (this=0x51400a78, message=0x51500778)
     at sa/tasks/ike_init.c:319
#9  0x48374c9c in process_request (message=0x51500778, this=0x51400d20)
     at sa/task_manager.c:870
#10 process_message (this=0x51400d20, msg=0x51500778) at 
#11 0x4836c378 in process_message (this=0x514005f0, message=0x51500778)
     at sa/ike_sa.c:1317
#12 0x48362270 in execute (this=0x515008d0)
     at processing/jobs/process_message_job.c:74


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