[strongSwan-dev] Issue in building strongswan for mips

Martin Willi martin at strongswan.org
Wed Jul 25 10:02:28 CEST 2012


> ../configure --target=mips64-octeon-linux-gnu
> --host=mips64-octeon-linux-gnu --prefix=krishna/gmp-4.2.2/target

> test -z "krishnagmp-4.2.2/target/share/info" || /bin/mkdir -p

Probably this prefix is not valid. I'd try an absolute path.

> So the question is, Is it fine if I build gmp library in a separate
> permissible folder and copy the header (gmp.h) .

As you'll be linking dynamically to libgmp, this library has to get
installed on your system. I can't help you with that, as I don't know
your SDK.

To build strongSwan against GMP in non-standard directories, you can
pass library and include directories using -L/-I LDFLAGS/CFLAGS
to ./configure, see "./configure --help".


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