[Announce] DoS vulnerabilities in strongSwan ASN.1 parser

Andreas Steffen andreas.steffen at strongswan.org
Mon Jun 22 10:21:48 CEST 2009


applying their fuzzing tool, the Orange Labs vulnerability research team
found another two DoS vulnerabilities, one in the rather old ASN.1
parser of Relative Distinguished Names (RDNs) and a second one in the
conversion of ASN.1 UTCTIME and GENERALIZEDTIME strings. Thus malformed
X.509 certificate RDNs or time strings can cause the IKE pluto and
charon daemons to crash and restart.

Patches for all strongSwan versions are available under the links:



These vulnerabilities have been fixed in the following releases:

  strongswan-4.3.2, strongswan-4.2.16, and strongswan-2.8.10

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