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Rajiv Kulkarni rajivkulkarni69 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 22:17:44 CET 2022


If your setup is as below:


1. Then, with the tunnel established (or send traffic from PC1 to PC2 or
vice-versa to bringup the tunnel), try with traffic (ping, etc) between PC1
and PC2

2. I see that in the logs the Ping is between and you are pinging from homerouter to the
internal-lan-interface ipaddr of workrouter
For this specific traffic-scenario (wherein you are accessing the
internal-interface of the ipsec-peergw)  to work, you will need to also
additionally use the option below in the children section of swanctl on
both gateways

hostaccess = yes

Note: This basically corresponds to similar option used in "ipsec.conf"
files - "lefthostaccess=yes"

This will result in 2 permit rules being added by the updown script in
INPUT and OUTPUT chains, and ONLY then you will be able to
ping/other-supported-traffic to the internal-lan-interface of the remote
ipsec-peergw (from local-ipsec-peergw or from the lan-hosts behind-it )

thanks & regards

On Wed, Feb 2, 2022 at 1:57 AM Michael Deignan <michael.p.deignan at gmail.com>

> Hello Rajiv, thanks for the suggestions.
> I added your suggested rules at the start of each chain. I also opted to
> add another rule at the bottom of the chain, so I could see if in fact
> anything was being rejected.
> -A INPUT -j LOG --log-prefix "IPv4-In-Drop: "
> Once I added the log statement, I can see packets being dropped in my
> syslog:
> Feb  1 15:13:23 WorkRouter kernel: IPv4-In-Drop: IN=Internet OUT=
> MAC=bc:30:5b:e3:9f:28:20:b3:99:cc:c2:24:08:00 SRC=
> DST= LEN=84 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=64 ID=37930 DF PROTO=ICMP
> TYPE=8 CODE=0 ID=23320 SEQ=25
> At this point I added similar logging rules to both the OUTPUT and FORWARD
> chains so I could see any forward or output drops.
> I also added
> -A INPUT -s -d -j ACCEPT
> to the input chain. I also added a similar rules on the home router for
> logging and the reverse traffic flow.
> Sadly, this had the effect of making the input reject logging messages
> disappear on the ping, but no further logging messages about rejected
> packets despite the fact of still not being able to ping or ssh, etc. from
> one subnet to the other.
> I think I am getting closer, but obviously I am still missing something,
> somewhere to tie it all together.
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