[strongSwan] Py-vici reported outdated on repology

Tobias Brunner tobias at strongswan.org
Thu Sep 9 12:32:10 CEST 2021

Hi Dries,

> Following Projects list - Repology 
> <https://repology.org/projects/?maintainer=driesm.michiels%40gmail.com&inrepo=freebsd&outdated=1> 
> it seems the package is outdated and a 5.9.3 package should be available?

It apparently picked up a package Noel created for Alpine Linux.  The 
vici Python bindings don't have their own version number, it's simply 
derived from whatever the current PACKAGE_VERSION in configure is.  So 
if a Python package is created from the current repository/tarball, 
chances are that it will have a higher version number than the latest 
release on PyPI, which is only updated after changes to the bindings.

> Is it possible the python package on PyPi hasn’t been updated yet?

There has only been one change to the Python bindings since 5.8.4, which 
fixes a mainly cosmetic issue for error messages (changes their encoding 
to avoid a b'' wrapper when printed).  That was released with 5.9.2 (see 
[1]).  I either forgot or didn't deem this change significant enough to 
push an update to PyPI after the 5.9.2 release.

I've now pushed one (version is 5.9.3), which also updates some metadata 
regarding supported Python 3 versions.



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